Quality, speed and costs are always being scrutinized.
The answer to this is optimum products and processes.
In the age of Industry 4.0 we consistently encourage digital exchange, as well as digital processing.


  1. Cooperative analysis
  2. Joint formulation of goals (function, dimensions and materials)
  3. Optimum design (networking, mold filling calculation, temperature field calculation, calculation of mechanical properties, stress calculations and warpage calculations) as to molding and casting techniques.
  4. Alignment with customer requirements (personal discussions and presentations, alignment with the finite element method of the customer)
  5. Confirmation of optimum design (start of production) or repeated simulations


Even if a solution is difficult, drawings are not available, the material question is still unanswered, technical specifications are outdated and pattern equipment is not available: Just ask us, we will be pleased to help!